The area of Compiègne is very attractive and famous for its many castles :

  • Compiègne : a magnificent palace,
  • Pierrefonds : an impressive medieval castle,
  • Chantilly : so gorgeous wtih its huge stables.

Its very welll known for its wonderful cathedrals : Beauvais, Amiens, Reims and Senlis.

Many good golf courses like : Compiègne, Monchy-Humières or Raray are quite closed to Compiègne (20 minutes drive).

The "Armistice Wagon " of the first world war peace treaty, in Rethondes, is very near (15 minutes drive). You may take the opportunity to appreciate the impressive forest of Compiègne, its horse riding centers and race course.

It's very easy, for a day, to visit (1 hour drive) beautiful towns like : Paris, Beauvais, Amiens, Reims... Noyon and Senlis are two typical medieval cities.

You are near the Parc Asterix  and also Disney Land (1 hour drive).